emochaHealth: Product Illustrations 

emochaHealth (now Scene) is a telehealth company that bring healthcare professionals, patients, and their families together to inspire and enable better health outcomes and solve the biggest problem in healthcare: medication nonadherence.

In my capacity as a Freelance Product Illustrator, I helped to develop spot & product illustrations for their website and digital experience. All works were art directed by Amanda Allen and Christine Yoo. 

Phase 1: Website Illustrations
emochaHealth pitched their project by opening with pain points about using stock images for their service/audiences. They felt that this was slightly distant from their desired visuals and it was not holding up well against their competitors like Oscar Health. We first explored corporate character illustrations for the design. The following are sketches, mockups, and iterations of this phase. 
Full documentation for Phase 1 is available here

Phase 2: Mobile/Experience Illustrations
After implementing the Web Illustrations, the design team came back with another request for Mobile/Experience spot illustrations. The brief this time was to build another set of illustrations that would aide users in going through app onboarding. This was a slightly more robust project with more moving parts. We ended up developing two different styles of product illustrations—Vector vs. more Organic, illustrative. 

Though the illustrations were not fully implemented in the new Scene illustration package, I believe that my illustration sets were helpful in helping to guide and determine a new illustration look. I absolutely enjoyed working on this project with Amanda and Christina and I am definitely open to trying this line of work once again.
Full documentation for Phase 2, Vector style is available here

Vector Illustration Style

Organic Illustration Style