chloe-trang phan is a designer from HCMC, Vietnam.

Portfolio Submission

Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping
User Story, User Flow
Product Illustration 
Publication Design 
Desktop and Mobile Responsive Design
Curriculum Writing
Data Visualization

Imagining A New Design Curriculum is my thesis project at MICA where I conducted research into new methods of teaching Design in my home country. TechTogether Boston is a comprehensive guides of my volunteer work as Design Lead and Mentor in a student-led organization, gearing towards space-making for underrepresented demographics in tech.MiFacility is a UIUX/Product Design challenge to address common technological difficulties of maintenance service apps. Last but not least is my imaginary publication – The Problem of Evil; The self-directed publication touches upon ideas of wealth, inequality, and Evil in the modern world. Each of these projects speak to different strengths within my skillset, as well as interests, and I welcome an opportunity to discuss them at your convenience!

I live, learn and practice on the ancestral land of the Paskestikweya (Pist-ka-tanh-wah) people in Baltimore City. 
I extend my heart and respect to Elders, past, present, and emerging.

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