chloe-trang phan is a designer from HCMC, Vietnam.

“Working towards a Curriculum by Vietnamese Designers, for Vietnamese Designers, and of Vietnamese Designers.” The project is a collection of 3 different texts, responding to the theme of Vietnamese Graphic Design Education for young Vietnamese high school students. As an extension of the project, I devised promotional and teaching materials with the hope of utilizing them in the near future. 

Imagining a New Design Curriculum.

Promotional Video 

Collection of Writings

Starting Document: Diacritics and Intonations

Selected Spreads from Documents

 Collaterals & Promotionals

Bilingual Posters

Informational Slideshows

Teaching Materials

Survey forms used in initial interviews


I live, learn and practice on the ancestral land of the Paskestikweya (Pist-ka-tanh-wah) people in Baltimore City. 
I extend my heart and respect to Elders, past present and emerging.

chloe-trang Phan
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