Morning Consult Work: News & Analysis

During my tenure at the Morning Consult, I had the opportunity to work on a range of projects from three verticals. My role was Visual Designer in name but Multidisciplinary Visual Designer in practice. Here is a recap of the work that I have created for the News & Analysis team.

News & Analysis

News & Analysis was a vertical in Morning Consult that dealt specifically with Reports, Think Pieces, and Daily/Monthly/Quarterly Trackers. In my capacity as a Visual Designer, I supported 5+ monthly/special trackers, 3+ Reports (2 were important and recognizeable launches for the Media & Entertainment team and the Geopolitics team), multiple creative feature images conceptualization, and I worked cross-function with other teams to deliver digital products for this vertical.

Feature Images for Washington Politics topics 

View process work for feature images here, and here. Additionally, view the Seen, Read, Heard Campaign Visuals that was based on this feature image here

Art directed by Sara Wickersham

Feature Images for a Look Ahead Series
Art directed by Nick Fabiani and Kelly Rice

Feature Images for a Gen Z reporting/story series
Art directed by Kelly Rice, collaborated with Anna Davis

Feature Images for Memos, Research, and Writings
Art directed by Sara Wickersham

1. Report Cover and Template Design for The Year Ahead in Geopolitical Risk 2023
View cover process work here
Art directed by Sara Wickersham

2. Report Cover and Template/Layout Design for Streaming or Struggling? Media & Entertainment Report 2022
Art directed by Sara Wickersham

3. Report Cover and Template Redesign for The State of U.S. China-Relations Report 2022
Art directed by Sara Wickersham

4. Report Cover and Layout Design for Most Trusted Universities Report 2022
Art directed by Natalie White, Sara Wickersham, and Vlad Gorshkov

5. Report Cover and Layout/Graphics Design for Back-to-School Shopping Report 2022
Art directed by Sara Wickersham