Coronavirus Visualization Team (CVT)

Coronavirus Visualization Team is a project led by Harvard students with the hope to track and provide accurate, non-partisan information and data viz relating to COVID-19. During my short stint as the Director of Design for CVT, I managed a team of 12 designers and 2 project managers to create consistent branding elements, promotional materials, and reliable working structure for the organization as a whole.

Visual Identity

I led and mentored design works for 4 projects: CVT, CVC (Coronavirus Visualization Community), Panel to the People, and Hack for the People. These projects’ identities operate underneath a similar visual, as to show coherence and brand consistency, regardless of the individual initiative. The goal of these logos is to communicate succinctly and effectively (and more often than not, literal meanings) of their representational initiatives.
4 main initiatives

To keep consistency, the brand identities are defined in a similar type family and color palette. In addition to typeface and colors, I also created a set of icons that can be adaptable for all initiatives.

Informational Materials
After creating these assets, the team and I moved forward with implementing them into our communications, including slide decks, video covers, flowcharts, and so on. The result is a body of fun, flexible imageries.

Still cuts for Video Introductory Slides

Flowcharts for organization membership

Text-based Materials

Sample Pages from Different Long Form Materials

I designed posters to promote events from CVT’s initiative—Panel to the People. After creating samples, I held workshops for designers on how to create event materials across different promotional channels. 
Flyer for Dr. Francesca Dominici’s event

Flyer for Dr. Mark Glickman’s event
Social Media
In addition to digital flyers, I also adapted the materials to different formats, mostly for Instagram promotions. Morover, I devised plans and templates for informational Instagram carousels. 

Layout for some of my favorite graphics

1. Hack for the People

Designer: Dheeraj Bhatia, Chloe Phan
Developer: Calix Huang
Project Manager: Kevin Wang


2. Coronavirus Visualization Team

Designer: Byeongjun Moon, Chloe Phan

Developer: Calix Huang, Fernanda Moreno
Project Manager: Mandy Yuan, Justina Chua,
Scott Blender