chloe-trang phan is a designer from HCMC, Vietnam.

A New Design Curriculum


‘A New Design Curriculum’ is my senior thesis project researching into a viable educational structure for Vietnamese high school students interested in Design and Art Education. 

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The Problem of Evil

Imaginary Publication

“The Troublesome Issue" builds upon the discourse on omnipotent existence and evil in the world.

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Modus Operandi          

A Design Manifesto

Work of speculation

The Manifesto presents itself as an academic response to common challenges as a working designer and at the same time, serving as a self-effacing screed.

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I live, learn and practice on the ancestral land of the Paskestikweya (Pist-ka-tanh-wah) people in Baltimore City. 
I extend my heart and respect to Elders, past, present, and emerging.

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